Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

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New message

Clarification on improper player during league matches (Issued on 7/7/22)

We have received inquiries about the penalty for the violation of the rules of registered/tied players.


Recruitment of Sports Executive (Updated on 6/7/22)

The Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association is looking for an energetic candidate to help us to organise, manage and promote the sports in Hong Kong. (Recruitment information)


Memo - HKLBA strongly recommend players to wear mask (Issued on 6/7/22)

In view of the rising trend of COVID-19 infections in Hong Kong in the last few weeks, the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association strongly recommends all players to wear protective facemask when participating in our activities.

While it is not a compulsory requirement, according to the Government’s regulations, we believe it is of the best interest to our players to wear facemask to protect themselves during games.

You will also need to observe the social distancing rules and related precautionary measures during games. Please visit the HKLBA website for details: https://bit.ly/3ag1bK2


KTSI Three Generation Lawn Bowls Competition 2022-Start Entry!

Kai Tak Sports Initiative

Three Generations Lawn Bowls Competition 2022





6 and 13 August ( Saturday )  ( Fall Back Day:3 September 2022 )



9 AM to 6 PM



Victoria Park Bowling Green (Tin Hau Station Exit A2)





各位球友, 就發現有市民私自使用或懷疑有人偷去康文署之球作為私下自用一事再次作出澄清: 於2019年, 由於製作之錯誤, 誤將24套全新之Drakes Pride 黑色滾球刻上了LCSD 之字在球面, 為免浪費及惠及一些新球員, 本人以低於成本價出售了該批滾球予不同球友, 當時亦為免別人誤會, 有提供了特別貼紙作遮蓋, 但近日聽到有些熱心市民向不同場地投訴或查詢, 並直指政府浪費公帑, trade in 賤買政府物資, 更甚者有人質疑是否有人偷取場地用球, 本人在此再次聲明, 此批滾球絕非來自政府場地, 而政府場地亦似乎沒有有被盜取滾球之記錄, 相信提出質詢的人亦只是本著監察政府部門出發, 並非想作出無中生有或針對個人攻擊, 希望當時買了這批滾球之人士會向其他人多作解釋, 以釋除公眾疑慮. 如仍有使用此批球之球員, 如需要新貼紙, 可向本人聯絡再取一些 請各球友廣傳.