Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

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Asian Lawn Bowls Championship 2017

12th Asian Lawn Bowls Championship 2017 and Asian Under 25 Lawn Bowls Championship held from 3rd October - 10th October 2017 in DPS School, R.K. Puram, New Dehli, India.

Hong Kong China team were represented by:

Men - Tony Cheung, C T Wong, Kenneth Fung, Terry Kung, Timmy Kwong

Women - Phyllis Wong, Helen Cheung, Jenny Miu, Elisa Cheung, Yunse Ha

Under 25 Boys - James Po, Adrian Yau

Under 25 Girls - Angel So, Gloria Ha

National Coach - Rita Shek

Coach - Andy Chan

HPM - Danny Ho

Team Manager - Walter Kwok

Sports Trainer - Letty Chan


Men's Line up

Singles : Tony Cheung

Pairs: Terry Kung, C.T. Wong

Triples: Kenneth Fung, Timmy Kwong, Tony Cheung

Fours: Timmy Kwong, Kenneth Fung, Terry Kung, C.T. Wong

Women's Line up

Singles : Helen Cheung

Pairs: Jenny Miu, Helen Cheung

Triples: Yunse Ha, Elisa Cheung, Phyllis Wong

Fours: Jenny Miu, Yunse Ha, Elisa Cheung, Phyllis Wong

Under-25 Mixed Pairs

Team 1: Angel So, Adrian Yau

Team 2 : Gloria Ha, James Po


2017 Asian Lawn Bowls Championships Medals List

Men Singles: Silver (Tony Cheung)

Men Triples: Bronze (Tony Cheung, Timmy Kwong & Kenneth Fung)

Men Fours: Bronze (C T Wong, Terry Kung, Timmy Kwong & Kenneth Fung)

Women Singles: Bronze (Helen Cheung)

Women Pairs: Bronze (Helen Cheung & Jenny Miu)

Women Triples: Bronze (Phyllis Wong, Elisa Cheung & Yunse Ha)

Women Fours: Silver (Phyllis Wong, Elisa Cheung, Jenny Miu & Yunse Ha)

U25 Girls Singles: Gold (Gloria Ha), Bronze (Angel So)

U25 Boys Singles: Silver (James Po)

U25 Mixed Pairs: Gold (James Po & Gloria Ha) and Silver (Adrian Yau & Angel So)