Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Shot adjustment on improper use of players (Issued on 11/12/19)

League Notice

For the improper use of players during a league game, such as registered or tied players playing down, improper substitutes, and bowlers playing multiple games in same fixture date, the current bye-laws only apply point deduction on the defaulting team and keep the shots scored.

On 2 December, the Council of Management approved the shot adjustment proposal and will take effect immediately.

In addition to point deduction as stated in existing bye-law, adjust the score of the defaulting team to lose by 4 shots. The shots will be deducted from the defaulting team’s score. If the defaulting team had lost for more than 4 shots, no further adjustment will apply.

Below are the shots adjustments in different scenarios.
- If the defaulting team won or lost by less than 4 shots, adjust the defaulting team score to lose by 4 shots

- If the non-offending team got less than 4 shots, the score will be adjust to 4:0.

- If the non-offending team won by 4 shots or more, no adjustment on the score.

Please refer to below examples in different scenarios:



original score

score after adjustment


defaulting team won

defaulting team won
20 - 15

defaulting team lost
11 - 15


defaulting team lost by less than 3 shots

defaulting team lost
12 - 15

defaulting team lost
11 - 15


non-offending team got less than 4 shots

defaulting team won
25 - 3

defaulting team lost
0 - 4


defaulting team lost by 4 or more shots

defaulting team lost
10 - 20

no change

Cyril Leung

VP National League