Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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League practice and policy (Updated on 23/2/24)

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HKLBA League noticeIn addition to Law of Sport of Bowls and LBA bye-law, League panel follows a series of practice and policies to manage the league competitions.

These practice and policies are summarized below for bowlers easy reference.


Bowling Tea arrangement in Triples League 2023 (Issued on 23/11/23)

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The Triples League 2023 will start in Dec 2023.

The League panel recommended keeping the status quo on the F&B arrangement. That is only drinks will be served by the home side.


Relax of 22 days rule for league reschedule games (Issued on 2/9/23)

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Many games need to be rescheduled due to typhoon Saola or green conditions.

Considering the green availability situations, the League Panel recommended relaxing the constraint of playing the games within 22 days.

All rescheduled games can be rescheduled over 22 days and must be completed one week before the fixture date of the final matches.


SBI matches will change to Tai Po effective from Sep 2023 (Issued on 31/8/23)

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SBI Green at Mei Foo will be closed from 1 Sep 2023.

The League panel approved that all the games being arranged in SBI will be changed to Tai Po.


Clarification if the skip arrives late in a resumed game (Issued on 6/7/23)

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We received inquiries about different scenarios of a skip being late in a resumed game

Below is the clarification from VP League.