Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

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Bye-laws amendments

The following bye-laws have been approved and supplemented to Bye-laws version 17.

Approval Date Bye-laws Descriptions Remarks
29/1/2019 2.5b Add penalty clause for change of players/position after the draw Details
29/1/2019 6.5d Player change club during the course of National Competitions Details
9/12/2019 3.8a Add penalty clause on shots adjustment for improper use of players Details
29/6/2020 2.11 Arrangement of players with more than 1 side in same division Details
31/5/2021 6.9g Notifying period for a change to neutral venue in National Competitions Details


Last Updated on 01 June 2021

Bye-laws version 17 updated on 30 Oct 2018