Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Junior Squad List 2016 - 2017

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The following players have attained a position in the Hong Kong Junior Squad for this current bowling year.  During this period, only junior squad members will be chosen to represent Hong Kong in International junior competitions.


Men Women
CHOI Shing Hin, Jason HKYDT 1

YIP Wai Tak

withdrawn on 2 June 2016

TANG Ho Yin, James HKYDT 2 YU Kwok Wing, Olivia CCC
PO Tin Jun, James HKYDT 3 CHOI Ging Yi, Amy CCC
SHAM, Martin
4 HA Yat Ting, Gloria HKYDT
YUEN Hok Hin, Alan HKYDT 5 LUK Ho Yee, Joey HKYDT
LAM Wai Ming, Arthur KCC 6 SO Ka He, Angel CCC

Bye-law - Hong Kong China Team

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