Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

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主球手之責任 (28/4/2011)



Clothing and Footwear (20/8/2010)

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In the recent Council Meeting we have received enquiries and comments about the clothing and footwear during games.  The general comment is that there is a deteriorate in the standard and more and more improper attire was adopted.  While the improper clothing will affect the image of the sport, improper footwear may cause damage to the greens.  I would like to draw your attention to the following laws:

  1. Players, umpires and markers should wear flat-soled (‘heel-less’) footwear when they play on the green or act as umpires or markers.  

    Proper lawn bowls shoes means lawn bowls shoes manufactured by World Bowls recognized manufacturers or if they are home-made, they must be smooth-soled heel-less shoes. The colour of the shoes recognized by HKLBA is brown or white only.”
  2. Matching team shirts means shirts worn by all players in a team when playing league games or national games must be matching in design, colour and version.  Clubs may have different versions of club shirts but only the same version is allowed in a team during a game.”

Please note that some clubs have indicated that players with improper footwear will be refused entering the greens and HKLBA does not want to see such thing happened.  We would like to urge your cooperation to maintain the high standard of the sport.


繼續作賽 (23/9/2009)



  1. 他 / 她是比賽的當席裁判或委員,而其決定是依據賽事章程作出。
  2. 不恰當行為可能對其他球員或場地造成傷害,例如穿著不合適球鞋可能損壞草地。在此情況下須先考慮所有可行的補救措施,始可拒絕該球手作賽。




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